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100+ Courses
Courses for all skills levels and categories
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What topics are covered in the courses?

The lessons cover a wide range of techniques, subjects, and skill levels. From the fundamentals of working with chocolate, to updating classic bakery items, all the way up to developing and plating multi-component plated desserts, you’ll find courses that will expand your knowledge, and inspire you to explore your creativity.

How many videos can I watch, and how long do I have for each course?

There are no time limits on the courses and no limit to the number of courses you can access or the number of times you can watch a video. You have full access to all courses and recipes for as long as you are a Chocolate Academy™ Online member.

Do you offer a chocolatier certification?

While we do not currently offer certification, we are working towards building a curriculum for each application that will lead to certification. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates.

Is there a hotline or online chat if I have a question about a recipe or technique?

One of the goals of the Chocolate Academy™ Online is to provide a community space for chocolate and pastry professionals. By joining, you have full access to our community where you can discuss and network with peers and professionals alike. Members can also reach out to us via our support email address and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Will my membership renew automatically?

Memberships will renew automatically on a monthly or yearly basis, depending on which membership level you choose. Access your account profile to make changes to your membership.

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