Luis Robledo

Owner, Tout Chocolat
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"The thing with chocolate is that you can compare it to either coffee or wine. Each region has its own flavors. Each type of cacao bean has its own character, its own aroma. So we have so many options, it's just unbelievable how many things you can get out of just one small bean." Chef Robledo is an award-winning pastry chef and master chocolatier who has spent his career learning from chefs like Daniel Boulud, Francois Payard, Thomas Haas, and Frederic Bau. He honed his skills at Le Pre Catelan and Guy Savoy in Paris, and then began his training as a master chocolatier at L'école de Grand Chocolat in Tain l’Hermitage, France. Moving on to New York, he worked as Executive Pastry Chef at Le Cirque, and, later, at the Four Seasons Hotel. In 2006, he traveled to Mexico and opened Tout Chocolat, which now operates three stores in the Mexican capital. In 2010 and 2012, he was the winner of the World Chocolate Masters™ competition in Mexico, and for several years was Director of the Chocolate Academy™ Mexico. In 2013 the Club Vatel named him Chef of the Year. He has participated in several editions of the Chocolate Show in New York and the famous Chocolate Fashion Show. Most recently, he was named Latin America’s Best Pastry Chef for 2019.