Davide Comaschi

Global Creative Leader, Callebaut
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“The World Chocolate Masters hasn’t changed my ideas of chocolate making. It has changed the way I approach everyday work. With even more passion, determination, and interest in passing what I know to others.” After graduating from Politecnico del Commercio e del Turismo in Milan, Chef Davide began his pastry career at the iconic Pasticceria Martesana. Within just a few months, he was promoted to Pastry Chef, and was the right-hand man of Vincenzo Santoro. In 2010, he joined the Association of Italian Pastry Chefs. It was here he met Iginio Massari, with whom he collaborated at CAST Alimenti, the Italian school of culinary arts. Massari became his tutor and mentor as Comaschi prepared for the World Chocolate Masters™ competition in 2013, which he would go on to win. In 2016, Davide became director of the Chocolate Academy™ Milan. He continued to be active in the food industry, joining the Scientific Committee of ALMA, the International School of Italian Cuisine, where he develops all curriculum for chocolate, cocoa, and pralines. In 2018, he was awarded the Guinness World Record for the Largest Panettone. Chef Comaschi is currently Global Creative Leader for Callebaut.