Alberto Simionato's Chocolate Figurines

In his first course for Chocolate Academy Online, Alberto Simionato, Director of the Chocolate Academy Milano teaches you the underlying techniques of making beautiful and easily executable chocolate figurines.

Vegan Chocolate, Mango and Passion Fruit Banana Bread

An elevated and tasty vegan version of the chocolate banana bread. There are no eggs or dairy in it, but its texture is very rich and moist. The exotic flavor of the passion fruit and mango crémeux pairs deliciously with banana.

Golden Crème Brûlée Bowl

A creation combining the acidity of pineapple with the subtle sweetness of Callebaut® Gold chocolate, enhanced by simple yet creative garnishes, along with the classic burnt sugar crust of the classic Crème Brûlée.

Ruby Street Tacos

These tacos, fresh and innovative, are inspired by street food and imagined with Callebaut® Ruby RB1 couverture. Discover creative flavor parings including a tangy avocado and lime crémeux, a vibrant beetroot ganache, and a confit of pineapple.

Recent Courses


Fundamentals of Framed Fillings

Get ready to grow your bonbon skills! Chef Russ Thayer covers everything you need to know in order to create perfect framed fillings in our latest course. We've divided this course into 5 lessons so you can focus on each step of the process.

Cold Brew Cocoa Cookie

A layer of exotic yuzu marshmallow hides a crunchy peanut layer, all atop a decadent chocolate espresso cookie. Explore flavors, textures, and fun twists with this innovative take on a favorite treat.