Vegan Macarons

Colourful Gerbet macarons suiting the vegan diet: the shells use Aquafaba instead of egg whites and the dark chocolate ganache is made with coconut oil. A lemon filling adds freshness to the whole. Expect to be surprised!

Black Forest Plated Dessert

A classic Black forest dessert turned into a beautiful deconstructed desserts with intense cherry flavours, notes of dark chocolate topped by subtle hints of vanilla. This dessert also plays on different textures: crunchy, smooth and chewy.

Hazelnut Crunch Entremet

This is the ideal recipe for hazelnut lovers: a crunchy base and biscuit, a syrup, a glaze and a Gianduja dark chocolate mousse - all made using hazelnuts.

Chocolate Macarons

Classic Parisian macarons with polished crunchy shells and a Brazil single origin 66.8% ganache. Chef Nicolas Dutertre also shares his secrets to obtain the right crunchiness in the outside with the perfect smoothness in the inside.

Recent Courses


Cacao, Ginger, and Almond Travel Cake

This cacao, ginger, apricot, and almond travel cake is easy to make and full of flavors. It is made with a crunchy base, super moist jam, and very interesting fluffy travel cake on top.

Chocolate Boost Bars

These incredible chocolate boost bars deliver an intense chocolate taste with different textures such as a sablé, mousse, crémeux, sponge cake, and a ganache. You will love their flavor as much as their sharp and chic look.