How to Make the Perfect Glaze for Pastry using Chocolate

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Alexandre Bourdeaux

“Live your dreams and work hard to achieve them.” Alexandre started baking at a very young age, and knew immediately that pastry and travel were his passions. His career began in a one-star Michelin restaurant in Belgium where he learned classic recipes and acquired skills that would be the foundation of his career. He later traveled to Italy to work in a Belgian patisserie. He continued to grow his skills while at the Four Seasons in Belgium, working under Sergio Mei. This led him to Cairo, where he opened Four Seasons Hotel Cairo. There, at this 5-star hotel, he captained a team of twelve pastry chefs and bakers, all at the age of 23. His work with Four Seasons brought him to London, Tokyo, and Chicago before he returned to Belgium, where he catered at the court of the King of Belgium. It was in Belgium, where his career originated, that he joined Callebaut headquarters as a Pastry Chef. Alexandre became head of the Chocolate Academy™ in Belgium, and later led the opening of the new flagship Chocolate Academy™ for Callebaut in 2014. Looking for other adventures, while continuing to collaborate with Callebaut, Alexandre created his own consultancy company, Pastry & Chocadvice, in 2016. Two years later, the company launched Ganache Solutions, an online software that helps chefs formulate and adjust their own recipes. He continues to provide training, and research and development for Barry Callebaut.