How to Make Chocolate Mousse based on Pâte à Bombe

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Mathieu Dierinck

“Maybe I’m an artist. Maybe I am not. All I know is that my best clothes are covered in chocolate.” Mathieu Dierinck wears many hats: consultant, teacher, chocolatier, pastry chef, and dessert lover. Born in Belgium, he chose to study near home, but passion for his craft led him to the UK, where he worked at the 3-Michelin-starred Waterside Inn, and as a Pastry Chef for Gordon Ramsay. Returning to Belgium, he continued his trajectory, working at the Michelin-starred Sans Cravate in Bruges, then landing at Oberweis in Research & Development. Chef Dierinck joined Barry Callebaut in 2015 at the Chocolate Academy™ Belgium as a Technical Adviser, and was a Chef for the brand until 2019, working, consulting, and teaching in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. Today he is the owner of Artist Chocolate, a bean-to-bar chocolate maker in Germany which also offers consulting and recipe development. You’ll see Dierinck’s work in Cacao Barry’s recent publication, The Pastry Alphabet. Those who follow him on social media will find that he is most passionate about sharing his considerable breadth of knowledge with others.