Classic Milk Chocolate Tablets

A chocolate classic: the milk chocolate tablet. This recipe is all about Arriba single origin 39%, whose beans come from the Guayas region, an area on Ecuador's Pacific coast. Arriba has smooth caramel notes and subtle fruity flavour.
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Philippe Vancayseele

“Food is not only to survive but also to enjoy, discover, the curiosity and passion of what we create.” Philippe Vancayseele built his career training alongside the best Belgian chocolatiers before becoming the head of the Chocolate Academy™ in Wieze, then working as Barry Callebaut’s worldwide Technical Adviser. He is now living in Montreal where he leads the Chocolate Academy™ center, continuing to share his tips and tricks with chocolate enthusiasts and professionals around the world. Chef Vancayseele is known for his kindness, his smile, and his extensive knowledge of pastry and chocolate.