Chocolate-Stuffed Brioche

Chef Julien will show you how to make classic brioche buns starting with a rich dough, and ending with a beautiful, tempting snack. You’ll update this traditional bakery item by filling the buns with chocolate pastry cream and roasted pistachios. Julien will also demonstrate a fun and elegant presentation for this tempting addition to your pastry case or brunch menu.
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This course is for beginner chefs

Watch Time: 9 mins

Julien Roy

“We’re interested in the concept of ‘terroir’ in flour, how different soils and growing methods can affect the taste. We’re noticing that different batches of flour can give different flavors. The age of the flour has an effect as well. Freshly milled flour has more wheat flavor, and bread should taste like wheat.” Though Quebec native Julien Roy had worked for award-winning baker Martin Falardeau since he was 16 years old, he never intended to be a baker. After a few years in university, working on a degree in finance, he realized a career in the business sector had lost its appeal, and he returned to Falardeau and his bakery, Le Pain Dans Les Voiles, as a full-time baker. In 2011, Julien was runner-up for Best Baguette at Paris’s Mondial du Pain. Two years later, he won Best Apprentice Baker at this prestigious competition. In October of 2016, he and partner Seth Gabrielse opened Automne, a bakery in the Petite-Patrie district of Montreal. There, he focuses on creating traditional breads and viennoiserie using pure, locally-sourced flours and produce from nearby growers. Their simple and honest approach has made Automne one of Montreal’s must-visit bakeries.