Chocolate, Praline, and Pear Plated Dessert

A plated dessert that revolves around three main flavours: chocolate, hazelnut and pear. A promise of intense natural flavours and minimum added sugar.
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Marike van Beurden

“Inspiration can be found all around us, all day long as long as you keep your mind and eyes open.” Marike initially studied bakery and confectionery in the Netherlands, then moved on to Bruges to focus on refining her skills. After graduating, she learned from masters and trailblazers in the industry: Dominique Persoone in Bruges, Pierre Gagnaire in London, Anne Sophie Pic and Philippe Rigollot in Valance, France. Marike joined Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong in April 2010 as Pastry Chef at their acclaimed three-Michelin star Caprice restaurant. Throughout this time, Marike was competing in pastry events worldwide, and accumulating awards and accolades. In 2004, she won the Dutch Pastry Award. 2006 brought her the Trophy Carol Duval-Leroy. 2013 saw her triumph at the Dutch Chocolate Masters™ competition, and garner the runner-up slot at the World Chocolate Masters™. In 2015, she was named Hong Kong’s Best Pastry Chef. Marike is currently at home in Barcelona, where she works as an independent consultant, and represents Ravifruit and Sosa.