Alberto Simionato's Chocolate Figurines

In his first course for Chocolate Academy Online, Alberto Simionato, Director of the Chocolate Academy Milano teaches you the underlying techniques of making beautiful and easily executable chocolate figurines. By learning the base techniques, you will be able to go beyond his figurine examples and create your own unique characters by applying the same principles. Learn how to cast molds, glue, assemble, color, and decorate fun characters to add artistic creativity to your portfolio!
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Alberto Simionato

“In addition to the technical aspects of the recipe, I am excited by anything related to its origins, production, the difficulties and advantages it poses for producers, the historical method favored, and above all the ingredients and their relationship with the natural environment." Alberto has had a love of pastry from the very beginning. His first jobs, initially in a bakery, and later at an ice cream laboratory, made him eager to improve his knowledge and skills. He enrolled in a year-long program at the Boscolo Etoile Academy where the world of true haute patisserie opened up to him. Alberto has spent his career working with master chefs from all over the world: Cristian Beduschi, the Italian chocolate master; acclaimed pastry chef Stefano Laghi; and author, confectioner, and master chocolatier Ramon Morató, whom he met at the Chocolate Academy™ in Spain. This meeting launched his career with Barry Callebaut, where he began as a Consultant. He is currently the Director of the Chocolate Academy™ Milan.