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Welcome to Chocolate Academy™ Online

Courses created by chefs,For chefs.

We offer an interactive program built by chefs, for chefs: a comprehensive exploration of chocolate science, innovative techniques, and inspiring recipes carefully curated to expand your knowledge, refine your skills, and help you become the chocolatier of tomorrow today.

Inside Chocolate Academy™ Online

Step in to find everything you need to take your skills to the next level, whether you’re new to the world of high-quality chocolate and couverture, looking to expand your range of techniques, or seeking inspiration. Our step-by-step courses from expert chefs will show you how to master techniques so you can reproduce the recipes, and start creating your own. With a wide variety of topics you'll continue to evolve your skill set. Download recipes, ask questions, and share your creations with your peers.


Our confectionery courses are designed to guide you step-by-step. Discover how to work with chocolate at its purest, revealing its potential and its unique qualities.


Expand your range of classic recipes, and explore contemporary creations from around the world. With the guidance of our expert chefs, you’ll hone your pastry skills, and learn to create extraordinary tarts, entremets, macarons, and more.


Take your baking to the next level with the guidance of professional bakers. Learn how to incorporate high-quality chocolate into your baking with a range of creations shared with you by our talented instructors.

Plated dessert

Learn to compose plates from classic to cutting-edge. Our chefs will lead you through building flavors, exploring textures, and presenting desserts that delight the eye and the palate.


Master the techniques that will unlock exceptional results. Whether you're beginning your journey or refining your skills, our detailed videos will take you through the basics of working with chocolate.


The Chocolate Academy™ Online instructors are master chefs and industry leaders from around the world. Here you’ll find true teachers, passionate not only about their craft but about sharing their expertise with you. Their wide range of expertise means you’ll always have a resource for new techniques, refining your skills, or finding inspiration.

Russ Thayer

As Lead Chef for the Chocolate Academy™ Online, Chef Russ is responsible for content planning, creation, and production. He also hosts a variety of interactive sessions with students. A well rounded pastry chef with a focus on modern confections.

Philippe Vancayseele

Former Director of the Chocolate Academy™ Belgium, Chef Philippe is now living in Canada, where he leads the Chocolate Academy™ Montreal.

Julie Sharp

Chef Julie is a Chef at the Chocolate Academy™ UK. She is an internationally acclaimed pastry chef, and Fellow of the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts.

Nicolas Dutertre

As a Chef at the Chocolate Academy™ Montreal, Nicolas divides his time between pure creative pursuits and sharing his significant expertise with professionals and students.

Mark Seaman

A Certified Master Sugar Artist, Mark has been featured on The Food Network, HGTV, Travel Channel, and TLC.

Lauren V. Haas

Chef Lauren V. Haas is the Gourmet Lead Chef for North America for the Barry-Callebaut Group.

Ryan J. Stevenson

Director of the Chocolate Academy™ Belgium. Ryan has won numerous competitions including the Trophée Prosper Montagné in Belgium, and the World Chocolate Masters in Paris.

Marike van Beurden

Chef Marike is an award-winning, world-class chef who brings you innovative recipes and techniques that highlight quality ingredients.

Julien Roy

A native of Quebec, Julien is one of the Chef/Proprietors of Automne Boulangerie in Montreal.

Beverley Dunkley

Beverley is the Head Chef at the Chocolate Academy™ UK, and regularly travels across the UK and Ireland to provide technical support to confectionery and bakery businesses.

Andres Lara

From Chicago, to Denmark, to Tokyo, and points beyond, Chef Andres is a true globetrotter and well-traveled pastry maestro.

Davide Comaschi

Winner of the 2013 World Chocolate Masters™, and current Global Creative Leader for Callebaut, Chef Davide combines Italian tradition with innovative design and elegant presentation.

Alberto Simionato

Known for his innovative chocolate creations, Alberto is the Director of the Chocolate Academy™ in Milan.

Luis Robledo

Former Head of the Chocolate Academy™ in Mexico, Luis opened the acclaimed Tout Chocolat in Mexico City in 2006.

Jeffrey Finkelstein

Jeffrey is the owner of Hof Kelsten bakery in his hometown of Montreal where his sought-after panettone and babka are the highlights of an impressive selection.

Mathieu Dierinck

Mathieu is the owner of Artist Chocolate in Marburg, Germany, and currently works as a chocolatier at Klingelhöfer bakery in Germany.

Alexandre Bourdeaux

Alexandre is the founder and owner of Pastry & Chocadvice, a consultancy firm that offers recipe research and development for clients throughout the industry.

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What topics are covered in the courses?

The lessons cover a wide range of techniques, subjects, and skill levels. From the fundamentals of working with chocolate, to updating classic bakery items, all the way up to developing and plating multi-component plated desserts, you’ll find courses that will expand your knowledge, and inspire you to explore your creativity.

How many videos can I watch, and how long do I have for each course?

There are no time limits on the courses and no limit to the number of courses you can access or the number of times you can watch a video. You have full access to all courses and recipes for as long as you are a Chocolate Academy™ Online member.

Do you offer a chocolatier certification?

While we do not currently offer certification, we are working towards building a curriculum for each application that will lead to certification. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates.

Is there a hotline or online chat if I have a question about a recipe or technique?

One of the goals of the Chocolate Academy™ Online is to provide a community space for chocolate and pastry professionals. By joining, you have full access to our community where you can discuss and network with peers and professionals alike. Members can also reach out to us via our support email address and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Will my membership renew automatically?

Memberships renew automatically on a monthly or yearly basis, depending on which membership level you choose. Access your account profile to make changes to your membership.

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